Laal Maas Mutton Curry

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Homemade nonveg mutton curries by Joshi’s Kitchen Art

When we talk of Rajasthan, “Royal & Royalty” are some obligatory words associated with the Rajasthani Cuisine! A cult & a must for the gallant Rajput clan, Laal Maas (Mutton Curry) is a traditional Rajasthani spicy lamb recipe made with yoghurt, garlic and lots of red chillies. Laal Maas is rich, colourful and spicy much like the climate and culture of Rajasthan.

Laal Maas is a celebrity recipe which has its deep roots in the Royal families of Rajasthan. As the name suggests, this dish is deep red in colour and has hot n sour taste. It is made with minimum ingredients, yet has some unique flavours. It has strong flavour of red chilli and garlic. This dish is rich in colour due to use of deep red coloured Mathania Chillies available in Rajastan. All of this topped up with lots of “Ghee Ka Tadka” is the perfect cherry (Red Chilly) on the maans so to say! Now, there are many versions of Laal Maans recipes floating around. But Joshi’s Kitchen Art version is the most authentic version of Laal Maas (Mutton Curry). Try this royal recipe and treat your pallet with the fine taste of red chillies and meat! Meat lovers, are we listening?

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