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You know they say, Cooking is love made edible!

So when two food enthusiasts Kavita & Sagar came together as life partners it was but obvious for them to embark on a delicious culinary journey. From being foodies first to home-chef’s, Their journey has finally taken a definite route in the form of Joshi’s Kitchen Art… It was their immense love and passion for food that fuelled the creation of this exquisite brand….

One of the key things that gives them an edge from the rest of the clutter is that they believe, “The Devil Is In The Detail”. Each recipe created by them is product of meticulous dedication to detail, along with use of authentic spices, high quality fresh food all put together.

They believe they are not just chefs but instead regard themselves as ‘Food Scientists’ who believe in creating culinary magic each-time they set foot in the kitchen. Much like how a scientist would in his lab! Every recipe is crafted with great precision and extensive research in order to achieve utmost authenticity. From Biryani’s to regional curries to kebabs.

JKA has something for different kinds of palates who understand the nuances of Indian taste.

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