Chicken Xacuti - Goan Chicken Curry

Joshi’s Kitchen Art make homemade style Chicken Xacuti (Goan Chicken Curry)

If you think Goa is all about beaches, King’s Beer & Nightlife then your highly mistaken… Goa is also the land of Chicken Xacuti!!!! The entire Goan cuisine is a result of many influences.  It is influenced by its Hindu origins, by Portuguese colonialism, as well as modern techniques of world tourists. Benefitting from several world influences and its tropical climate, Goan food is rich, spicy and intensely flavourful.

Chicken Xacuti (pronounced “sha-kooti”) is a classic dish from Goa and encompasses the rich array of its spices resulting in a delicious dish with complex flavours. This tasty, spicy coastal curry has a coconut base and medley of spices. Joshi’s Kitchen Art assures that its unique taste would not go away from you and this would be an instant hit with all our customers. Served with steamed jasmine or basmati rice and/or some fresh Indian flatbread.

We highly recommend Chicken Xacuti for special gatherings and for those who really want to try something different. Get Goa on your plate now!!!!

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