Galouti kebab, also known as, galawati kebab is a popular Lucknawi preparation made with finely minced meat – the meat usually being lamb or goat. The name ‘Galouti’ means melt in the mouth, and true to its etymology, the dish does melt in the mouth owing to the finesse of the mince. This kebab was created especially for the aging Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Lucknow who had lost all his teeth but continued to be a connoisseur of good food, particularly meat. Hence, the royal kitchen devised this brilliant melt in the mouth and easy to eat Galouti Kebab.

This easy yet intricate delicacy has to be made with utmost finesse. Here at Joshi’s Kitchen Art, We have recreated the most softest, mushiest version of this delightful recipe. Give it a try and be sure to have it melt in your mouth within seconds… Galouti kebabs are best had with fresh coriander and mint chutney with a side of lemon and onions. Order a portion of Galouti and delight your guests at the next get together!

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