Chettinad Chicken Curry

Joshi's Kitchen Art authentic Chicken Chettinad, Thane

Order Homemade style Chicken Chettinad in Thane today.

Chicken Chettinad hails from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu. Chettinad is a popular style of cooking in Tamil Nadu.

The Chettiar community, who are a majority in this region, are a very successful trading community and are equally famous for their culinary art… Like most of us who are home bound due to work and life, Will never have the time to visit Chettinad to eat the authentic Chettinad Chicken. So we thought how could we get this appetizing recipe onto your plate.

With an extensive R&D and years of experience, Joshi’s Kitchen Art is proud to tell you that you too can enjoy this curry at your home. At JKA, We believe in the traditional methods of cooking in order to retain authenticity. We use only and only authentic ingredients. This sure is a “must try” from the kitchen of Joshi’s Kitchen Art.

Calling all fiery curry lovers, Try our Chicken Chettinad curry that is a coconut based curry which is spiced mainly with dry red chillies and black pepper.

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