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Saunfiya Dhaniya Paneer

Authentic Saunfiya Dhaniya Panner by Joshi’s Kitchen Art

Saunfiya Dhaniya Panner as the name suggests, the main ingredients of this dish are Saunf (Fennel seeds), Dhaniya (Coriander seeds) and Paneer (cottage cheese). Its a delicately spiced and flavourful curry with the richness of Cashew.  For most of the Paneer masala, the underlying gravy is onion+tomato mixture. But instead of the conventional onion-tomato gravy, here the main ingredient is coriander leaves.

The predominant flavor of coriander leaves & saunf (Fennel Seeds) makes this dish really delicious and yummy! Coriander as you know is an excellent aromatic herb that is generally used in flavoring various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as garnish.

Its natural green color and earthy aromatic fragrance makes any dish tastes absolutely delicious but what takes it a notch higher is the evident saunf flavour in it. This is a sure shot try for anyone looking to try some a unique flavour rather than the regular curry.

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